consultation We advocate. We are seasoned nurses. We meet with families who have loved ones in the healthcare system. Our focus is to empower individuals and families with case specific knowledge, helping them ask the right questions, get the results they desire, and assure that they are being heard. We assist the family and individual patient in receiving the best possible care. We proactively approach the situation in order for patients and families to know what to expect in the care of their loved one. We guide individuals according to the situation.

We at Silberhorn Health empower patients and families with the knowledge and support they need along each step of the way toward their independence.

Example: A family contacted Silberhorn Health requesting assistance with their aging and widowed father who lived in another state. He was living independently in his own home and his health was on the decline. He required hospitalization. It was at this point that we came on board at the request of his daughter. We taught the family about the necessities that needed to be in place for current and end of life decision making and guided them along accordingly. We assessed his condition and supported the family with insights and awareness that they didn’t know they needed. We supported the family from hospitalization to nursing home living because his condition was not conducive to his return home. We supported the family while addressing the hardships involved in seeing their father decline and ultimately passing away. We were with the family until they felt confident that they could proceed on their own.