Specialty Infusions

specialty-infusions We deliver in-home IV infusions for the chronically ill. We specifically work with patients whose illness requires on-going long term infusions. In this way we can assist the patient and family with the ramifications of a chronic illness. Regularly scheduled IV infusions allow us to provide the continuity of care that we strive for with our patients and families.

We at Silberhorn Health enhance a team of professionals as a supporting discipline in order to focus on the best possible outcome for the patient and family.

Example: We have a young adult patient who is struggling with his disease. He has suffered episodes of non-compliance with his infusions. Upon identifying this with a deeper level of assessment and understanding, we eagerly arranged a dinner meeting with his case managers and another patient in the area who is his age. We were successful in creating a network of support for this young man in order for him to have peer support and understanding relating to his disease.